Monday, October 19, 2015

The Wishing You Well

Shooting stars, wish bones, rabbits feet, horse shoes… there are so many things we use to make a wish. Still, thinking of life, I’ve seen many people who want nothing more than forgiveness for something they did. It could be something trivial or something massive, yet still, it’s like something that sticks to our sides and doesn’t let us go.

Something we did, something we said, something that happened or something that didn’t happen.

Forgiveness is honestly such an important thing because it gives peace of mind, closure, and helps people let things go that they’ve been holding on to for so long. Seeing the power of words, forgiveness often focuses on what we did wrong when we apologize, which is good, it’s cathartic, but often stops there.

So I got to thinking what if instead of a forgiveness well or a wishing well, we get a virtual wishing you well. By this I mean that sure you can ask for forgiveness, but don’t stop there. Sure you want your peace of mind, but in regards to yourself and that person you wish you could apologize to, what would you wish upon them? What would you like to thank them for? Don’t just say sorry, wish them well.

My thinking is that an apology is good, but to be able to project a positive thought to that person you wronged can augment the impact of your intention.

So enter the Wishing You Well. The idea is for you to leave a comment with your apology or wish for you and that other person, to externalize and express it and to do it anonymously if you wish. I’ve seen websites dedicated to writing secrets and other things, and I wanted to offer my humble blog to anyone who needs to have a few words with the void if only to get things off their chest.

I’ve re-experienced recently the power of verbalizing or writing out something that’s within you and how therapeutic it can be. It’s not that I didn’t know before, it’s just I was reminded of how important it is to express what we feel. It’s helped me and maybe it’ll help someone else who needs a random place to express those words that are stuck inside.

So with that in mind, hope this helps.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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