Thursday, January 14, 2016

A bug's nature

Recently a good friend tagged me in a prompt from the picture you'll see below (credit at the end of the post). She asked a few people to see what they could come up with and this was what I was inspired with. hope you enjoy.


A little fairy reminisced on the old days of when the junkyard was functioning. Metal laced corner to corner. It was a true scrap heap of forgotten experiences, broken dreams, flat tires, and rusted journeys. Walking through the now vibrant garden, she stood at the foot of a large Volkswagen Beetle. Moss and plants had covered the entire car and in all honesty, it could have looked as if the ground were swallowing the vehicle… except that Jin knew better because she saw how happy the beetle was. Some metal parts still peeked out and they shone brilliantly, smiling to reflect the sun’s rays.

“Do you like being this way?” she asked.

The ghost of the car blinked its headlights and looked down on the small fairy girl. “They always called me a beetle but treated me like a car. I knew I was beetle and I wanted to live my days in a garden without a car in the world. When seeds rained down from heaven I called out to each to say hello. They did and also hugged me. Many even wanted to live with me and I was more than happy to have their company. Ten years passed and I am surrounded by green, flowers are thankful for the support I offer, and I’m kept cool all day thanks to the generous moss. Finally I feel like the name I was given. A happy little beetle in his happy little garden.”

Jin smiled in response to Brother Beetle and went on her way, happy to see someone reach their true potential. 

Image by Didier Cathala : source on

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