Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking ahead to 2016 - My 2-Do List

Now that 2015 is done, and I've tallied what I was able to accomplish in one year, I was happy to see that for the most part I was able to accomplish a lot of what I set out to do and worked on plenty of projects to progress them as much as I could.

That said, a new year begins and so does a new list for things to tackle. Some resolutions shall also be shared along with a list of a couple of my own if only to put it on paper and be accountable. But I digress, here's my 2016 list of upcoming titles, projects, or fun shenanigans.

1. Publish Book 2 of the Human Cycle. I was able to finish the manuscript but I'm still transcribing. Expect this in January with book activities to go along with it. Oh and get ready... it's dark. More on this, very soon.

2. Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore, Volume 2. I'm in the process of writing the third short story of five I will include in the next installment of the daydreams, while also pondering what extra goodies I'll share. Stay tuned to this channel to enjoy some more whimsical goodness within Draem.

3. Ensueños de Mermelada. Although I will be translating some of my works, the daydreams rely so much on play on words that a translation would be a mistake. So I'll just have to write a set of short stories in Spanish. :D These will only exist in Spanish along with some other projects I'm working on and I'll eventually share the why to that.

4. Philosophy project. This work is nearing completion and is VERY different and VERY unique. I set out to do something very different... and it turned into a collaboration. One I'm very happy about and proud of. It's nice how life can surprise you and when people who inspire you find inspiration in your work as well.

5. Spanish poetry collection. When we get the right cover down, it shall be released and not one second before. Does that mean it's already written? Why yes. that's exactly what that means. :D

6. Bilingual Collection. One of my favorite short stories is here and this collection is to showcase the range of things I'm interested in. It's been delayed in part because what began as some short stories have grown into novella sized tales. It is a very me book in the sense that the tastes vary and the collection really explores a wide range of styles, from slam poetry to essays on social commentary, in the US and Puerto Rico.

7. Love poetry collection. If you've read my work you knowI'm not one for roses or clichés.

8. Heartbreak collection. There's two sides to every heart, and I've also collected words of pain because whoever think love doesn't hurt, is either highly medicated or has been wonderfully lucky.

9. Bukowski inspired collection. I'm reading my first collection by Bukowski right now and I've been so pleasantly impressed and surprised. One thing is to have expectations, another is to have someone write brilliantly and read things that dare you to push your writing in new directions.

10. Haiku book. Inspired by some friends to take haikus up a notch. I am trying to do something interesting design wise, so stay tuned.

11. Sci-fi novella. This project will be finished this year. That's a promise.

12. Young adult novel. In the vein of the daydreams, there's a story about a kid who dreams about flying. This will be finished before April and submitted to competition so wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

13. Blog collection. I've been asked a couple of times if I will do this.... and the answer is yes. The first 3 years of the blog will be adapted to a book. Why do I say adapted and not collected? Because it's not a simple copy/paste project. It never is for me.

14. Method to Madness. I will offer a book on writing tips from a relative newbie. A couple of people asked me for advice and two or three even suggested I put a book out. Never done anything like this, but don't mind sharing my brand of madness.

15. Noir novel. I will be retaking this project. It's dark, foul mouthed and oh so fun.

16. Greek mythology project. Another concept I've been meaning to tackle for a couple of years... and I'm in the mood to push myself and begin it.

17. Sólo Humano. Yes, I am translating my first novel... and yes this will take a lot of time. But I'm a do it yourself kind of guy and too many people have asked for it in Spanish for me to further ignore it.

18. 5 Non-fiction projects. Life is complex and varied and so is my writing. Already drew outlines for 3 of those projects. how much will I do? Well I dunno, we'll see.

But wait, there's more.

19. Teactionary. These quirky Tuesday installments shall continue. If you like them, good news.... there's already words lined up for the entire year and beyond :D

20. Visual Typos. My Monday offerings shall continue to offer some chuckles to start out your weeks.

21. More videos. Tea with JD shall continue as well as random me talking about random things.

22. More songs. I have at least 12 songs I haven't recorded. Finalizing lyrics, laying down final riffs and will record soon. And if you've ever been curious as to what I sing like in Spanish, stay tuned.

23. More interviews. Three sets of questions are still in the ether so stay tuned.

24. Collaboration Nation. Will talk about this more and you can rest assured plenty of collaborations are underway. :D

25. Book events. FINALLY found two new places to do activities at. And may return to the Bookmark as well. The idea and intention is to be active in 2016.... very active. Stay tuned for more news.

26. Puerto Rico Comic Con. I'm signed up, I'm pumped and I expect 2016 to be a stellar year. So stay tuned. Plenty will be up for offer this year... enough to make me wonder on the logistics of it all which is all sorts of happy problems. :D

27. Estrada goes abroad. I am researching places I can go for a Comic Con or an event. If you'd like me there, so would I. We'll see where I go and already 5-6 places identified. :D

28. Social Media. I shall continue very active on all social media, taking occasional hiatuses to finish projects, travel and sleep :D

29. For Writing Out Loud. This blog shall continue to grow and the goal for this year is 150 posts, a full 31 more than 2015. All I can say is, 2 down :D

30. Twist. Expect to see a LOT more of Twist AND Twistine :D Cheers

Looking fwd to this year, dear frands. I hope you enjoy all that shall come forth and I look forwards to comments, chatting, rambling, and sharing these slices of life. So there you have it. That's my to do list and I'm sticking to it. Here's to creating, to soaring, and to giving our best always.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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