Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 scorecard

So a year has come and gone and as I get ready to tackle what will be a most epic year, I have to look back to what I wrote last January 1st to see how I did in terms of coming through with what I promised I would do.

I said I'd do 4 book events, and honestly, due to lack of places I could find that would work I actually struck out, lol

Puerto Rico Comic Con. I went, I geeked, I didn't conquer but I had a spectacular time. This time I had more than twice the books on offer and almost doubled my results. It was glorious, so fun, and again, so close to losing my voice and I loved every minute. I had plenty of surprises to offer and repeat visitors seemed pleased at my progress in one year :D

I said I'd publish a dark poetry collection, and I did so. Dark Strands is a collection I can be proud to call my own and something I shall explore again.... very soon. :D

I said I'd publish a second poetry collection, exploring various topics including social commentary.... and I was able to capture that moment. :D

I said I'd publish the physical version of the Daydreams, and that also happened. I bit down and got it done and it was wonderful to see them brought to Raelity.

Book 2 of the Human Cycle was meant to be published in the year. That didn't happen...  but I did finish it... and it'll be the first release of 2016. :D

Young adult project, I am still working on this novel... and it shall be here sooner than you think.

Sci-fi novella: Still working on the novella, but I am a firm believer that good things are worth waiting for :D

Still haven't finished the Bilingual collection, but it is coming along well and some changes in plans in regards to what I'm including. Stay tuned. :D

Philosophy Project: This is actually a collaboration and text is pretty much done, so stay tuned as well. It will come forth. :D

I said I'd retake Blanc Comics and bumped up the quality of the paper and produced two new episodes for each title. :D

I said I'd share my music, and in 2015, several finally made the light of day and for now, it seems people are enjoying them, so woohooooo :D

Twist came with me to New York and had quite a few adventures. Expect more from our twisty little friend and his new found love, Twistine. :D

More doodles were made and reaction was as warming as ever. More of this will come and then some. :D

I said I'd do more SkyThoughts and now every Wednesday I'm publishing new entries. If you want to easily catch up with them, check my pinterest page where there's a folder with all my SkyThoughts.

I said I'd take more pictures, and I did. It was wonderful, but more on this soon. ;)

I said I'd connect through social media... and boy have we. Over 500 people in my Google + family. Over 400 on my Facebook page and 3,800 on Twitter. Cheers and thank you for making 2015 such a beautiful year.

I said the blog would continue to grow and grow it did with 119 new entries. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. Thank you for sharing, for caring, for coming back, for telling people about it. Thank you for the kind words and warmth you share. There are big plans, my friends.

But wait, there's more. 

In 2015 we were introduced to the Teactionary and Visual Typos series. Visual Typos are on Mondays to help us chuckle at the start of the week and Teactionary entries are on Tuesday. 

I was able to interview several fantastic people and already two collaborations have gone down. 

I also wrote and submitted a short story and a poem for competition. More of this will also happen, budget allowing. :D

It was a crazy busy year, and although I didn't do the whole list of things I said I would do, I was always progressing and I think I did pretty well. The most important aspect of the year was that I was true to who I was, connected, resonated, met some beautiful people and have been inspired by life to push for even more. 

Thank you to all who inspire and let's see what else we can do in 365 typical days and a bonus one for the cheeky monkey year. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls.
Ps.: How did you think I do? What if anything was your favorite from what we've shared during the past year? What would you like to see?

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