Sunday, June 23, 2013

Audible inspiration: Elbow

When it comes to inspiration, our senses can definitely free our mind. In my constant search for great music, 9 years ago I stumbled upon an English band that would become one of my favorites and would eventually mark my work to a huge degree. Elbow is on my bucket list to see live for several reasons although the obvious one is that their music is amazing. A band that still believes in albums, track listings and letting your ears take you on a journey, each Elbow album is amazing in its own right and they keep getting better, which is why they are the band I’ve most recommended in my life... well that and the fact that a lot of people still don’t know about them stateside at least.

Regardless, the Elbow lads have incredible layers of sound with deep soulful lyrics that are quite relatable.  They can capture beauty in the simplest of things and describe friendship in a way I don’t think anyone else can. Then again, these are guys who enjoy each other’s company, who play because they enjoy it, who write and play because they love it and who go out for a beer right after a show because they’re family.

In my writing they figure largely into a short story in an upcoming compilation and a YA novel that is about 25% done. In my life, they pop in regularly when I need a pick me up or just because. They also consistently figure into lists of people I’d most like to have a beer with and chat. While other English bands are full of themselves, Elbow has always been characterized by how low key they are, even when writing music that is a permanent staple in the soundtrack of my life.

If you haven’t listened to them, by all means, do yourself a favor and change that. 

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