Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday Reviews: Gutmouth by Gabino Iglesias

It's not every day you can read something as smart, nasty, twisted, crazy, convoluted and overloading as Gutmouth. At times, it's almost as if each sentence insists on upping the ante of how much you can take and it's delightful from start to finish.

Think of the Aristocrats joke and pass it through a cyberpunk neo noir bizarro filter with a future you DON'T want to live in, but can't help but stare at. Gabino Iglesias wants you to laugh and become nauseated in one sentence, and he achieves this countless times, grossing you out while leaving you smiling at what you just read.

At 84 pages, Gutmouth is streamlined and my only two complaints are:

1. It wraps up rather quickly
2. You're left wanting to see more of that sick future.

That's it... Apart from that, if you have tolerance for nasty literature, then you'll totally relate to why a three breasted prostitute fell prey to a navel invading autonomous mouth with a British accent. This is some delightfully sick stuff and is actually in my gift list for at least 3 friends who not only get this, but will want to discuss this over beer.

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