Saturday, June 29, 2013

Music to write to: Zoe Keating

Recently a new and very lovely friend recommended Zoë Keating and after listening to one track and several previews, I desisted no longer and bought her album, Into the Trees, on her website. To me, there’s just something about a cello that really stirs the emotions and inspires me to write.

Zoë’s work is a perfect example of how powerful this instrument can be as a lead, inspiring tender moments or calling forth images of walking trees storming into battle. I told @theambersphere that it really sounded like something I would have seen in Raelis, a hidden city in my first book Only Human, and I meant it. I could see the photogeni covering their plant faces, sharpening their wooden swords and surging forth against the army in front of them. It was a great moment listening to that because it gave my ideas even more context and allowed me to replay that part of my story in my mind.

That’s how inspirational the cello can be, and it seems as if Zoë is just getting started, so feel free to keep tabs on her and accompany her on her musical journey aboard the SS Sunstring.


Thanks to @theambersphere for the wonderful recommendation

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