Saturday, June 29, 2013

Creative Track Listings - Movie script

When you write, sometimes you easily get a feel for what you are writing easier than others and for me, something that's actually helped me to establish the tone of a story and the rhythm of a scene is to have a track listing made up. My exercise is pretty simple, think of your story or novel as a movie adaptation and ask yourself which music you would put where.

Tracklists for some bands are definitely something they hold sacred to, although I'd prefer to ascribe to the philosophy of Pearl Jam. Their track listings are made during the night of the concert, the encores change depending on the crowd and they do audible changes flipping on the switch and changing the song they were going to play. That's because they respond to emotion and as writers, we should obey our emotions as well, going to where the story calls us to go to.

For this time I chose to put up an incomplete list for something that is just starting to get in the works in my brain. This means that odds are I won't work on this for maybe up to two years... So to help me remember what I want my story to feel like, I did a pre track listing of the scenes I've already drawn out ideas for. This helps me to not only remember that feeling but to know how I want to vary the "album" so to speak, meaning, if there are too many slow songs, maybe I want to throw something in to kick things up a notch.

It's a very fun exercise and one that is tailor made for me since I love writing lists. So without releasing a title, a concept or any type of description, here's the preliminary track listing for a future script, due out who knows when. Feel free to guess what I'm going to write about and click the links to discover new music.


  1. Sextape – Deftones
  2. Surf wax America - Weezer
  3. Queens of the Stoneage – Autopilot
  4. A star is born – Amusement parks on Fire
  5. Queens of the Stoneage – In the Fade
  6. Robi Rosa – Mad Love

 Thanks to  for the idea to share these track lists.

* Image from All credit goes to them and Pearl Jam

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