Saturday, July 27, 2013

Audible inspiration: Tool

When you read Only Human or any of the other books in the trilogy, please be aware that Tool was blasting in my head, heart and soul. Many of the underlying themes I explore in this series have everything to do with my relationship with this band although few things are taken from a literal context, meaning, nothing was copy-pasted but were a direct creative reaction to wanting to go to some of the darkest places in my soul in search of light.

Tool is a thinking man’s metal band and everyone in that band is downright scary talent-wise. As for the inspiration, I’ve been exposed to Tool from a very young age and early on adopted them as one of my favorite bands. They channeled anger in a truly unique fashion and have never needed to fist pump or make devil horns to carry their message across.

I still remember enjoying the dark dreams that screwed with my sleep patterns from watching their videos from Undertow and Aenima and discovering Bill Hicks thanks to them, another massive influence. When I listen to Tool, it’s just natural that I want to start writing and through their own process of growing as dark beings of light and achieving their own brand of catharsis, I’ve been able to discover my own path of self-discovery.

Highlighting tracks or albums is truly a moot point because everything they’ve made is solid and I am fortunate enough to have discovered them to claim them as a source of inspiration, be it spiritual or artistic.

So if you’re craving a slice of darkness, explore the worlds of Tool… after all it is the best way to squeegee your third eye clean. 

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