Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nice guys don’t finish last, they just take longer to get there

I was recently asked why I insist on sending direct messages to each and every follower I have on Twitter. Originally I had started doing so to promote my book and quickly found out I wasn’t loving the book pushing approach… that’s when I started writing each message individually in my attempt to connect with people.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not in this to sell a million books, I’ve decided to write to share my stories and to connect… which is something I’ve always strived for yet I hadn’t formally put into words until recently. Do I want to succeed? Of course… it’s just that the definition of success doesn’t necessarily translate exclusively to sales. Sure I want to write for a living exclusively, the thing is that more than that, I want to have impact. I want my stories to bring topics to light and invite people to dialogue. I dream of people of all likes finding common ground in unusual places and if my stories can become literary islands where they can rendezvous, then I’m golden.

Also, if it takes me coming into contact with each and every person that buys a book I write to be successful, I’m not only willing to do that but grateful at the opportunity to connect with so many people. In the time I’ve been on Twitter I have been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people from Venezuela, New Zealand, South Africa, The US, Canada, Scotland, Holland, India, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and I’m just getting started.

This blog is also testament that I want to connect with people and help in any way I can. That’s because this is part of my genetic makeup and an integral part of who I am as a person, and that’s how I want to be known as an author. As someone who is willing to write a book to prove a point and a person who will gladly reply to any direct message or email I receive.

That’s also the reason why I began my career as a writer by publishing Only Human, because I’m fascinated by humanity, the challenges we are facing, the desensitization that abounds and the personal challenges of one man being forced to put his humanity on the line for mankind. Only Human is the first of three books and is the surface of something much deeper, much darker and much more integral to who we are as humans… it is personal, it filters reality through fiction and it’s not intended to sell a gazillion copies… it’s intended to get you to question reality, to ponder what could be and to challenge yourself to be better than what you are. It deals with sexuality, tolerance, violence, love, hate, righteousness, our individual and collective psychologies and the beginning of Nathaniel Runnels in this adventure and of mine as an author.

This is my walk, and although I may take longer, I'm used to being a late bloomer. So I'll just enjoy the view and smile my way as I walk along the path of my life, one story at a time. As the late great Bill Hicks said, this is just a ride. 

I’m here for the Long Haul and to connect. So feel free to join the conversation.

Peace, love and maki rolls.


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