Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Music to write to: Bobby McFerrin

Much of the music I’ve put on here is pretty, melodic, beautiful and kind of sad, so I thought damn I need to put some happy music for a change because sometimes you need to give your writing some pep… and about 2 seconds into thinking of an option, I thought of Bobby McFerrin.

For years, I’d been curious to listen to more of Bobby McFerrin seeing as he is a jazz vocalist who uses his voice and body as his instrument but it wasn’t until this year because of a random documentary I saw that the itch to listen to Bobby really kicked in. I’ve seen dozens of videos and bought two albums and can safely say that if you need something quirky to dip your mojo in, he’s a great option.

Although far from a McFerrin expert, his songs do have a tendency to invite me to smile, especially some tracks on the underrated Bang Zoom!

His music is often light, whimsical, utterly creative, and joyful… and if that’s what you want in your writing, might as well invite all senses to join in the fun. 

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