Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Music to write to: Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vrioon

Beautifully minimalistic, Vrioon is a collection of songs I can recommend for writing as much as I can for sleeping, which I’ve used for on countless occasions. These are six tracks to lose yourself in and truly allow your mind to float away into bliss or oblivion.

The piano is hesitant yet deliberate… it’s beautiful yet can conjure up occasional bouts of painful solitude… I’m not talking about being alone at the beach but closing your eyes and seeing vistas of icy Pluto, or a daydream about cloudwatching during a picnic on Neptune… the magnitude these two artists achieve in this collaboration is an amazing feat simply because of the musical span they achieve through their respective instruments.

The music by itself would be beautiful, now the kicker are the electronic elements that give the tracks this ethereal essence I’ve never heard anywhere. That’s what’s really wonderful about this collaboration, it sounds truly unique and that only two people who really got what they were trying to do and who can explore utter, blissful solitude could conjure.

This is music for dreamers… audible canvases for us to paint on with words or any other chosen medium… the reality is that being alone can be painful, suffocating, exasperating and even scary at times…. but it can also be quite beautiful.

Feel free to enjoy.


JD Estrada

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