Sunday, May 11, 2014

Looking within the Human Cycle: Who is Mrs. Fawn?

One of the many secondary characters in Only Human is based on a primary character in my life. In short, Mrs. Fawn is based on the wisdom of my mother. Throughout my life, Mama has been a central figure who has given me all the love I can handle and enough lessons to last a lifetime, and she continues to inspire and amaze me every single day.

I’ve been able to be with mom through countless events in our lives and every single time, she has tread on, she has shown patience of the Biblical kind and perserverance I have not seen elsewhere. Born in Camag├╝ey, Cuba; mom has always shown tenacity and a will to not just survive, but thrive and all the while bearing that wonderful smile that could make anything seem possible.

She has often shared her wisdom through words, though much more often, through action. Always leading by example, she has taught me to be kind, to never ask why, but what for in regards to life’s challenges and to always do my best to learn from what I live. She’s also taught me to never settle, to never give up, to always be true to myself, to be honest, to be generous and to always offer a helping hand, not in case you need one in the future, but because it should be embedded in our psyche to always do our best and give the best.

Although her appearance comes a ways into the book, there is something I really enjoy about Mrs. Fawn and about my mom… she appears not only in Only Human and its sequels, but in various other stories in my life because there’s just no way to keep her out of my tales or my heart.

So here’s to you Mama.

Thank you for love, inspiration and life.

You made me and I will always want to make you as proud of me as I am of you.

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