Sunday, May 18, 2014

Top 10 reasons to visit the Puerto Rico Comic Con

Next weekend Puerto Rico will be hosting the 2014 edition of the Puerto Rico Comic Con and it’s set to be the biggest version of the event yet. International stars are coming, trailers will be shown and yours truly will be participating in his journey to connect with more people. So why should you go? Here’s 10 reasons:

10. Family environment

First and foremost, this is a family event and although the lines can be lengthy, it’s totally worth it. Seeing kids in awe and smiling and parents sharing in their joy is one of the loveliest things to enjoy at the PRCC.

9. Cookies and candy

Smart Cookie and Asian Sweets are frequent haunts for me. Asian sweets because I love being able to get my hands on the latest craziest sweets. Smart Cookie is a whole other story, four words: peanut butter bacon cookies. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw multiple people dressed as the cookie monster attacking the booth.

8. Bully free zone

The PRCC event staff is adamant of everyone having a good time and this includes a zero bullying code. You are yourself, you have your own thing and this event welcomes diversity, curiosity, oddity and togetherness. Live long and prosper as people of all kinds come together to have a nice time.

7. It’s getting big

Less than ten years ago, the event wasn’t that big. About five years ago, it started to go international. At this level, it will go global by next year. They’re going to need a bigger island.

6. Hard to find collectibles

Although you will find TONS of Star Wars – He Man – Transformers and other types of collectibles, this is the place to find weird stuff. Bring your cash, bring stamina and look over the hundreds of booths to find that special random gift for that special random someone.

5. The costumes

Some people truly feel most comfortable when they’re in character and the PRCC brings in some of the best, and yes worst costumes you’ll ever see. Last year the competition was stiff and I’m sure those who lost last year started planning the Monday they got out of the PRCC.

4. The Talent

Puerto Rico has a bevvy of artists and writers that consistently put out great work. I will also be there and though far from the star attraction, I’m honored to do my best to add to an already epic event. Truly, some awesome local artists due world-class work and everyone is upping their game consistently, year after year. I will be in the minority since most people will have their comics and artwork... then again, I’m a writer and I’ve been known to have more than one surprise when the opportunity presents itself. Next weekend will be no exception.

3. Cosplayers

There are diehard cosplayers locally and professional talent will be making appearances, namely Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe.

2. The comics, the anime, the videogames

Remember that comic you read once when you were 10, or that random anime you watched at 2 AM when you were supposed to be sleeping? You might be able to find it here.

1. The guests

Scott Snyder, Michael Rooker and Jason David Frank are just some of the people visiting. Talent scouts will also be there. Local artists will be there and if you want to have fun, you’ll be there.

So here’s to the countdown.



  1. I wish I could go there... Wishing you all the best there & already looking forward hearing your impressions after it ^_^

    1. It would be cool if eventually you could go to one. I hope you enjoyed the post on it and my experience. It was extremely rewarding. :)