Thursday, May 29, 2014

Young Suns

Connecting with people has always been a rewarding experience for me and during the PR Comic Con, it was even more special. I was able to meet people of all ages who were interested in my stories, who had questions and most wonderfully, who have stories to tell themselves.

Among these people, a sweet young lady by the name of Vashti was nice enough to swing by my booth on both days and is possibly the only person who took with her everything that was available at the Only Human booth. She was actually the first to take one of the Super Packs, which included all four Daydreams and both Blanc Comics and I truly hope she enjoys what I had to offer. Still, more important than the opportunity to share my work with her, she thanked me because she said I showed her that it was possible for someone to publish independently and that she realized that someday she will be able to share the stories she is working on right now.

Those precious minutes she took to share this bit of information with me were extremely touching and enriched my experience that much more. The same can be said for the deep discussions I shared with other young writers who have stories and who had questions. To be honest, I was very impressed by the level of questions I received from young people. I saw unique sparks in their eyes and rays of light waiting to shine through and touch others.

It was as if throughout the Comic Con, I met dozens of young suns waiting to shine bright and eager to create new worlds through their stories. There were questions, and truth be told, I love questions. A young lady and a young man actually started off with the classic: “this might be a stupid question”, only to floor me with the caliber of questions they had. It was gratifying to see desire and talent and like I said, I love questions. So if you have anything you’d like to ask, by all means send me an email to or visit my facebook page.

In a time when bad news is the norm in all media channels, I was able to meet countless future sources of inspiration and good news. So here’s to shining, to sharing, to asking honest questions and to connecting through words.

Peace, love and maki rolls.


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