Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Human Cycle

When you look up the term Human Cycle on the Internet, one search result you get will refer you to the Human Action Cycle, which is the psychological theory related to interactions between humans and computers. 

As I’ve grown in my relationship with my first series of books, I found it rather odd that a psychological term that does not have computer in its title is focused on computers and how we humans interact with them. Truth be told, I was even a little offended and as a result decided to offer a more human centered definition as I weave my tale of vampires, therians (don’t call them werewolves, I can’t stress this enough), angels and photogeni.

Only Human is the first step in the Human Cycle and this series is my exploration through fiction of the human factor or what we call humanity. Think of this term as the trinity of Body-Mind-Soul. This first installment, focuses on the body and different physical aspects that tie all of us together as a collective species.

The second book will explore more psychological aspects and the third will focus on spirituality. This is not to say that these topics will not be interwoven throughout the series, it’s just my way of saying that each book will be focused more on a certain type of aspect of what makes us, well us.

For these books, research has been done on psychology (strong emphasis on Jungean Psychology) and various spiritual texts will be analyzed because regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, language or age, there is endlessly more that binds us together than what separates us. So religions, history, psychological theories, styles and topics will all interweave because life and reality is far from linear, and on the plane we call life, there are many existing points and in theory each one can connect.

So sit back, enjoy and connect… for what is more beautifully human, than our ability to do precisely that?

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