Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Don't read me

For years, I’ve talked about all the reasons why you should read me. But I recently realized that there are actually some people that perhaps shouldn't read me. As much as I love a good cuppa tea, I have to recognize that I’m not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Given that I do write in a variety of genres and styles, it is very possible for you to find something that you love. By the same token, you might find something that really wasn't what you were expecting.

So here are some things you should know about me.

1. I’m an indie author. That means I do all the writing. I do the research and no one is there to tell me what I should or shouldn’t write. That also means that I write to please myself and make the best story I can with little or no regard for what can sell. I’m a story teller much more than I am a story seller.

2. I write poetry. A lot of people think poetry is not for everybody, but for the select few. I can’t help but disagree with this since I think poetry should be much more common. Still, at the end of the day poetry makes me happy and that’s why I write it. Because I’ll always write what makes me happy.

3. I’m not looking to write the next Harry Potter or Twilight, because that has already been done, over and over. I write stories only I can write, with a perspective you will not find anywhere else. So if you are looking for rewrites of popular classics, then don't read me.

4. I’m Puerto Rican. That means English is my second language. Even so, my 2 novels are in English. 3 of my poetry collections are in English and my short story collection is in English. However, as I said I am Puerto Rican and proud of it, proud of what I can bring to a story which might not be in line with other people do. I’m not saying my stories are Puerto Rican, by the way. I’m saying I am Puerto Rican and that might lead me to see things in a slightly different light and some people might find it a bit odd.

5. I talk about topics people aren’t comfortable with. Not everyone can handle reading about certain topics, such as racism, sexuality, equality, and faith. I believe everyone has the right to make the decisions that they are comfortable with. I choose to write about topics that are difficult, not just to write about them but to think about them because I believe in shining a light on the things that matter to me. By questioning, we can find the light and we can find common ground, which shall always be a personal life mission.

6. Although I was raised as a Catholic, I believe we can learn from many religions, because religions themselves share so much. Did you know angels and demons are common in more than one religion? Did you know biblical characters appear in more than one religion? That’s because we are speaking the same message but in different faith languages. I believe in the freedom of religion, I believe other faiths have something important to say, and I believe we have a right to question each and every belief to find our truth and our peace.

7. I’m a feminist because I see plenty of strong women in my life. That means women characters will be strong in my stories. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect though. I am also a realist so if you want a perfect princess, look elsewhere.

8. I have a character that smokes constantly and that is one of his minor undesirable traits. Does that mean I support and promote smoking? Quite the contrary, but he does love to light up.

9. I work on several projects simultaneously. I want to work enthusiastically and keep my energy and enthusiasm up. That means I will take a bit longer with certain projects because I shall always opt to work on what I really want to work on rather than what I "should" be working on.

10. I challenge myself at the same time I challenge my readers. I don't dumb down my writing, I don't play nice, I play real. Does that mean you will go away on occasion with more questions than answers? Yes it does. But I shall never give you all the answers. I like leaving room for readers to think about what I have written and how it feels within.

11. I publish several books a year, so if you want a constant flow of the same kind of genre, I am afraid you are not going to find that here. I treat every project differently, each with the utmost respect but neither you nor I will be sure of exactly what to expect.

12. I don’t give my work away for free. I do specials once in a while, but normally those sales are done for charity and to raise awareness of things that matter to me. If you like to haggle and love freebies, there are plenty of other writers who are into that. I am not.

13. My books have sex in them. Not in your face erotica because it is currently fifty shades of trendy. But they do have sex because in life there is sex and the fact remains that some people don’t like sex in their reads. For those people, I have YA books, I’ll work on nonfiction books, but if the sex scene makes sense, there shall be sex.

And that’s just 13 reasons of why you shouldn’t read me. Yes, I finished on 13, another reason you might not want to stick around, I love the number 13! I not only thrive on the number 13, but I was born on a 13th.

So before you run for the hills or to the site of an author who tickles your literary fancy softly, I thank you for taking the time to read me; the good, the bad, the heartfelt, the hard and yes, the occasionally crazy.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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