Monday, November 28, 2016

The Raven Writing Desk & Data Vs. Data conundrum

In the greatest mysteries of the universe, two resounding mysteries stand tall in front of the rest….

Why is a raven like a writing desk? & is it Data or Data?

Well wonder no more and instead rejoice, for there are answers to be shared!!!!!

When it comes to who came first, whether the raven or the writing desk, evolution dictates that without a doubt the raven came first and stands to reason that in some place, it is possible that the raven even dumped over a writing desk, but that’s mere speculation. What cannot be denied is that both are meant to produce notes, but if the raven is lazy or the writer is lazy, they come short of the expectation. In essence though, the raven and the writing desk both invite our imagination to soar and on occasions the destination is as dark as the raven is black. Neither needs all its legs to meet its purpose and neither a writer nor a bird lover should count eggs before they hatch.

As for the case of data vs. data, of course the correct answer is and shall always be data. Why do you say? Because it is easier to have an argument if you speak than if you read, because often times we focus on how something is said and look past what is being said. To offer concrete answers though, if I listen and go on gut feeling, I’d say the correct way is day-tah. To me it just sounds better. But if I think about it, I prefer dah-tah for two reasons: 1. It sounds robotic and like you haven’t had any warmth in your nether regions for ages and robotic science is often frigid to the point that it’s boring. (seriously, make science sexy and people will get a whole lot smarter, but I digress). Reason #2 is much more casual… if you flip the syllables, it says tah-dah…

And that my frands, is as good an explanation as I can offer.

May the madness be with you.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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