Friday, November 4, 2016

The Estrada Interview Depot

'm always up for an interview, a collab, a guest blog post, or what have you. I like visiting other people's blogs and having them visit mine because not only do more people get to know us but we get to explore new parts of our brains and souls by just giving ourself the opportunity to try something new. 

I'm always flattered and surprised when people actually do want to interview me and it's interesting to see how I progress not only in my answers, but in the works I've done and the works I've actually been able to publish. To me it's always like a time capsule and I do enjoy seeing what we can come up with when we switch gears a bit. 

So I decided to compile the interviews I was able to remember and to put all of the links on a single post that I'll update every time a new interview comes my way. To all the beautiful people who have been kind enough to care, thank you. It means a lot that you think me worthy of being interviewed and I always hope it is as fun for you as it is for me. 

And if anyone is interested in interviewing me, by all means, drop a comment or send a message. I'd love to visit your corner of our shared 100 acre wood. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls

Ps.: If you were nice enough to interview me and I was foolish enough to forget, please let me know to rectify as quick as possible. 

Last updated 11/3/16

Written Interviews

Sheila Bliss

Maria Rochelle

Video Interviews

Batalla Extrema

Audio Interviews

La Literati

13th Epigone

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