Sunday, November 6, 2016

Method to Madness: Soundcloud and Youtube

Although some people may think that all I do on social media distracts me from my writing, it so happens that I enjoy creating as many things as I can and having a positive impact beyond what I write. That's because it's not just about writing for me although writing is the priority. 

Writing is my passion but beyond living a writer life I want to live a creative life. That's why I write and post songs, that's why I share doodles, write on a blog, tweet, and do my best to connect with people in as many ways as I can. 

That said, in the last couple of months I have been putting a lot of effort into doing different things to show other sides of the Estrada. So naturally, youtube and podcasts became a thing. My youtube channel has passed 100 subscribers and a lot of people there have shown interest in my work, which is always great motivation. The podcast has connected with less people but many times I've received a message of people saying thanks for posting something they apparently needed to hear. 

I always take suggestions for videos, podcasts, and of course blog posts so if there's ever anything that you think I should explore, just leave a comment somewhere where I can read it :) 

As for how I go about each of these efforts, the same holds true for both channels: be yourself, flow, just go with it, don't bother with editing. If I mess up horrendously and lose the flow, I start again. If it's a bauble, I leave it. I'm far from perfect so I'm all for sharing my mistakes and showing that it doesn't take away from what you can share with people. 

What does remain true is that although I'm blessed to hear that what I do actually resonates with people and even helps, a lot of what I do is based on what I need to hear or part of my process to heal or try and be my best me. I also don't filter myself and although eventually that may mean some people disagree with me to the point of unfollowing me, that's part of life. We're not meant to be a $20 bill, universally accepted and appreciated or anything. We're meant to be real, warts and all and up to now, most people have accepted me as I am or been wise enough to change the channel. 

In regards to my channels, I have over 100 videos on Youtube that range from waffling, to playing music, to answering Q&As and doing booktube tags, to even surfing a wave or two. In my soundcloud, I've limited space which is why I'm looking for a new website to post my podcasts where I either have a higher cap or NO cap (if you recommend any site, please let me know).

What still remains the same is that if there's a creative itch that shows its head, I'll be sure to scratch because all of this is me not wanting to wonder and insisting on creating and doing my best. Podcasts and videos are also a way to help me be more comfortable speaking in front of any size audience. As for all of you who comment, like, and share, thank you because although I focus hard on internal validation, support is a hell of a motivator. So thank you and here's to a life of creating and sharing. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls. 

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