Saturday, November 5, 2016

Four legged angels

Dogs are a blessing and I've had many. In my direct family, we've enjoyed the company of 8 pups. Six of them have parted for the bone, steak, and dog biscuit filled fields and yes I miss each of them every day. Even the ones that passed away over 20 years ago. That's because a dog's love is for life and by design, most times we will have to endure their loss.

Last night, my wife and her family lost their pup. Layla was a spunky, active, lively, moody, curious little Welsh Corgi with eyes that would will you to give her a snack even when it was before her time. She had white boot paws that if you scratched just right would make her melt.

She was a sweetheart and lived a full life and was able to pass away surrounded by most of her family. Being at a distance means that me and my wife weren't able to be there and it's the first time it hurts to be far from home. We feel powerless and guilty and regret not being able to be there for them one last time, especially knowing they were always there for us.

With me, the darling pup was moody and always knew to let me scratch her just enough. She was her family's pup and she would gladly remind me that every time I went... but she also looked for me every time my wife went without me to her parent's house and I always looked for her when I visited. Something tells me that part of me will always look around for her when we visit.

The parting of a family member is never easy and rest assured, a dog or a cat, or your companion of choice is a member of the family. This is the 7th time we've lost someone we love and it hurts just as bad as the first or any of the subsequent losses because with each parting, they take a piece of your heart even if they leave you with a lifetime's worth of love and memories.

Some people wonder why dog lovers hurt so hard... and as dog lovers we have the responsibility to uphold the values we learn from our four legged friends.

1. Love unconditionally. Once we love, it's for life.

2. Always enjoy food. It's food, for God's sake.

3. Know when to take a nap. They are one of life's finest rewards when we don't abuse.

4. Never be shy to ask for a scratch. Attach with a nap when possible.

5. Follow your gut. You know the mailman is evil and that's why you bark at him.

6. When it's someone's birthday, INSIST on always singing happy birthday. Steak is not for everyone, but cake is.

7. Physical contact is one of the best ways of saying I love you while enjoying someone's company.

8. Know when to ask for forgiveness and when to stand your ground.

9. Hold nothing back when you look into the eyes of someone you love.

10. Enjoy life. It's short, so make it tasty and snuggle hard.

Peace, love, and salchichitas

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